Micro Teaching

To make teaching a reflective practice for students, the pupil teachers are given enough practice and micro teaching skills before teaching them lesson plan. After they have acquired teaching skills, they are able to understand planning their lessons easily.

First practice teaching is done at simulated conditions in the college itself so that the teachers and fellow student can point out their weakness and strengths. After they have attained confidence in teaching and are able to make effective lessons and they are taken to various schools for practice teaching.

During practice teaching the students are supposed to make different types of lesson using various teaching aids. Every student is bound to give at least two lessons using electronic media eg OHP, computer, LCD etc. to give them varied learning experiences.

Practice Teaching and school experiences are treated as a sort of internship to acquire the degree of B.Ed.. During practice teaching, the students have to make 40 lesson, (one blue print) including evaluation and also have to do block teaching.